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Learn at what price your competitors are selling your products, see how market prices changed over time and understand who is leading who

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How It Works

Track Competitor Prices

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

Get a full overview of your competitor pricing landscape enabling better pricing strategies.

  • Select portfolio and websites to monitor
  • Track competitor prices over time
  • Let our algorithm automatically match products
Track competitor prices, collect competitor data
Dynamic pricing software

Create Price Actions

Dynamic pricing software

Feed competitor data into the PriceEdge platform enabling new price suggestions in response to competitor price movement.

  • Take actions based on scope and competitors
  • Refresh data according to your needs
  • Automatically push data into platform for price reactions

PriceEdge™ API

Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

Utilize PriceEdge™ Application Programming Interface (API) to make data available in other systems.

    Everyone should be able to understand how the system works, so to streamline your business and make it more efficient, our API comes with a full documentation.
    Our software can be used as a stand-alone tool from day one or can be easily integrated with your ERP or PDM with the help of the PriceEdge™ API when you feel it's right.
    The tools and technologies a company uses are what give its differencial value in the market. With our API you can reduce costs while keeping high security of you data.
Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Price tracking analyzes the market and collects relevant data from your competition, allowing you to improve your pricing strategy, gain competitiveness and increase profits.

  How does price tracking work?  

Price trackers scan the products of your competitors web sites every day and provides you with price and stock data that you can use in your pricing strategies.

  How to set prices using price tracking?  

When you have access to real-time and detailed data about your main competitors, you can use the price and stock level information directly in your pricing strategies and align your price actions accordingly.

  What are the applications of price tracking?  

Price tracking helps retailers define well-designed and justified pricing strategies. In that sense, it provides data to adjust competitive prices and increase profits.

  How does price tracking help your pricing?  

A in-depth analysis of your competitors’ prices will help you make more justified decisions on how to adjust prices for your web store.

  What is the process of price tracking?  

First, you need to monitor your competition. Once you collected the relevant data, match it to your product set, you need to define a proper pricing strategy and then to adjust optimal prices for your products.

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