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Remove the risk for manual errors and make sure each deal gets quoted the right price in the fasted way possible.

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Organize and keep track of all your quotes and deals via process boards, and access them at the click of a button.

quotes and deals via process boards
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How It Works

Create Efficient Processes

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

Increase efficiency and reduce errors with tailored quoting processes and approval logic.

  • Define the processes you want
  • Visualize all quotes, deals and agreements
  • Use automatic or manual approvals
Track competitor prices, collect competitor data
Dynamic pricing software

Use Optimized Prices

Dynamic pricing software

Configure price rules for specific segments and customers to ensure consistency and maximize profit.

  • Define any price column needed
  • Use simple or advanced price logic
  • Leverage AI for optimal pricing

Manage Price Agreements

Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

Organize and keep track of all your quotes, deals and price agreement in one solution.

Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration
Dynamic pricing software

Use Branded Templates

Dynamic pricing software

Create quote and price agreements with your own specific branding and look.

  • Design the template you need
  • Run mass update and exports
  • Give access to online price agreements

Free tool spotlight: Online Quote Generator

If you just need to create the occasional quote and don't need a fully blown solution just yet - check out out use our free online quote creator tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Configure, Price, Quote or CPQ is a business software platform designed to provide product options and prices with optimal accuracy.
Yes, PriceEdge Quote can act as a straightforward CPQ solution (without advanced visualization capabilities)
CPQ software is invaluable if you need to reduce quote iterations, decrease customer churn, increase win rates and elevate profitability. Configure, Price, Quote software (CPQ) empowers you with correct and upto date pricing avoiding costly errors and unoptimized pricing.
CPQ tools including this one, are designed to be flexible and accommodate a wide range of products, including software, hardware, equipment, and other complex solutions.
Yes, PriceEdge can handle complex configurations including options and variables
Every business is unique, and PriceEdge has been developed with that in mind so that our solution can be tailored to meet your specific process and pricing logic needs.

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