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Measure and Optimize
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How It Works

Track Competitor Prices

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

Get a full overview of your competitor pricing landscape based on your rivals own websites.

  • Easily set up what websites to track
  • Track every price movement daily
  • Get insight into stock availability
Track competitor prices, collect competitor data
Dynamic pricing software

Automatic Product Matching

Dynamic pricing software

Avoid manually linking products one by one - leverage our automatic matching system.

  • Easily add your product data
  • Leverage smart matching algorithms
  • See competitor data without hazzle

Create Price Actions

Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

Competitor prices, active promotions and stock availability will lift your pricing strategies.

Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. PriceEdge is equipped to crawl and extract data from any website, regardless of its language, script, or location. Our advanced in-house developed price tracking stack ensures the extraction of data from even the most complex websites, including those with bot protection.
Price trackers scan the products of your competitors web sites every day and provides you with price and stock data that you can use in your pricing strategies.
Yes, we don't scrape behind logins and similar setups - including apps.
Yes, we can collect data from marketplaces. However, it's important to note that Google Shopping scraping can only be carried out via a third party and is beyond the control and responsibility of PriceEdge.
A in-depth analysis of your competitors’ prices will help you make more justified decisions on how to adjust prices for your web store.
No. In order to use our scraping module PriceEdge Collect, we require that you also have an platform license (Essential, Standard or Enterprise).

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