Unlock your online pricing potential

Let PriceEdge create automated price suggestions, removing the risk of human errors, and see your revenue and profits improve

What We Offer

Automatically track competitor prices

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

Get a full overview of your competitor pricing landscape enabling better pricing strategies.

  • Select portfolio and websites to monitor
  • Track competitor prices over time
  • Use competitor prices in your own pricing strategies
Track competitor prices, collect competitor data
Manage price lists

Let Our AI do it for you

Manage price lists

Our proprietary AI-engine helps you automatically analyze your e-commerce pricing by simply embedding a script on your web store.

  • Tracking script for easy integration
  • Let the AI set your optimal prices
  • Get insight into your price elasticities

Create a clear path of action

Pricelists management software

Combine AI-suggestions and competitor prices with your costs, stock rates and other relevant data into automatic price rules.

  • Sets every product at its optimum selling price
  • Use price guards to protect margins
  • Full flexibility on pricing strategies to use
Pricelists management software
Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

Keep all your data and dots connected

Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

Integrate to your web store using our API or leverage our tracking script for an easy integration.

  • API with complete documentation
  • Integrate at your own pace
  • Tracking script available

A glance at what you get

  Track Competitor Price Behavior

  Easy Management of Multiple Web Stores

  AI-Generated Optimal Prices

  Maintain Price Parity Across Web Stores

  Create Dynamic Repricing Strategies

  Get Transparency into Pricing Decisions

  Fully Customizable Pricing Rules

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