Priceedge Optimize module

Relax and let our AI do your work

Automatically segment and create pricing insights on top of your data using logic and AI-models.

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Revolutionize Your Pricing Strategies

Discover the transformative potential of AI to refine your pricing strategies, anticipate market trends, and maximize profitability. In a rapidly changing business landscape, staying ahead requires more than just intuition—it demands accurate and actionable insights. Our AI module offers a comprehensive solution tailored for these modern pricing challenges.

How it Works

Forecast Demand with Every Price Shift

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

Stay agile in a dynamic market by predicting demand shifts with each price change. Understand the intricacies of how price changes can sway demand and strategize for optimal results. With this tool at your disposal, you can optimize profitability by anticipating market demands accurately.

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data
Let the AI learn

Deep Dive into Product Elasticity

Let the AI learn

Harness the power of AI to understand your product's elasticity, optimize your pricing strategies, and maximize returns. Dive into your available dataset and to identify your product's price elasticity to make data-driven pricing decisions. Foresee how product changes will influence your bottom line and strategize accordingly.

Segmentation Like Never Before

Profit from optimized prices

Redefine your understanding of your data, leverage AI to segment with precision and enhance marketing outcomes. Delve deep into consumer and product data to tailor your pricing approach. By segmenting product and customers with pinpoint accuracy, you ensure targeted and effective pricing strategies.

Profit from optimized prices

Why Customers Love Our AI

  Get insight into price elasticity

  Simulate price changes

  See optimal price suggestions

  Combine with guardrail rules

  Reprice products automatically

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