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PriceEdge™ Price module enables you to create the price logic you need and is built to make pricing as smooth and easy as possible.

Price management software/tool

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How PriceEdge™ Price Works

Setup Pricing Strategy

Value based pricing/tool/soft

Out-of-the box solutions for advanced pricing. Manage all price lists by building your own pricing strategy. Easy and powerful.

  • Attribute based pricing to find the right value
  • Market based pricing to stay competitive
  • Dynamic rounding rules, minimum margin rules and more
Value based pricing/tool/soft
Manage price lists

Structure Portfolio

Manage price lists

The first step to practical advanced pricing is to organize your products and define price differentiating attributes.

  • Categorize products in groups and assign attributes
  • Structure groups in folders for an ideal portfolio blueprint
  • Efficiently categorize and manage all your price lists

Operational Pricing

Pricing management tool/soft

The module is designed to make day-to-day pricing as smooth and easy as possible.

  • New products pricing management
  • Setup efficient periodical price revisions
  • Easy to create and assign tasks and workflows
Pricing management tool/soft
Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

PriceEdge™ API

Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

Start integration from day one or run the tool stand alone until you are ready to integrate.

  • API with complete documentation
  • Integrate at your own pace
  • Higher security and lower costs with API

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