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Track Competitor Prices

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

Get a full overview of your competitor pricing landscape enabling better pricing strategies.

  • Select portfolio and websites to monitor
  • Track competitor prices over time
  • Let our algorithm automatically match products
Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

Frequently Asked Questions

You bet! All our licenses gives you access to the PriceEdge API, that you can use to integrate any data to/from PriceEdge. Also, its possible to manually import/export all data inside PriceEdge.
Your data will be automatically stored in our two data centers in Dublin, Ireland. You may also request your data to be stored in our US data center in San Jose. To request this, just contact your PriceEdge representative or our support team.
Absolutely. We provide a free TEST environment with every domain signed-up with us. You may use it to explore, develop & test before you go LIVE.
PriceEdge is entirely cloud-based, meaning there is no need for site visits and our software can be used instantly by remote workers.
No, we do not have cancellation charges. And there are no data lock-ins.
The Prices as applicable are exclusive of EU VAT to EU Merchants and shall be charged additionally for B2C merchants in accordance with EU VAT Rules.