Price Optimization Made Easy

PriceEdge™ enables your business to evaluate the effect of implementing new prices and optimize your pricing strategy.

Pricing Optimization Software

How PriceEdge™ Works

Setup Pricing Strategy

Manage price groups

Out-of-the box solutions for price optimization. Manage, create and optimize your prices by building your own pricing strategies. Easy and powerful.

  • Apply price optimization for every product
  • Full flexibility on pricing strategies to use
  • Dynamically Price to Market changes
Manage price groups
Pricelists management software

AI Powered Insights

Pricelists management software

Use our AI-engine to dynamically predict future demand and see the price elasticity for each product. the engine will learn and adapt dynamically over time.

  • Dynamically set optimal prices
  • Predict the best response to competitor adjustments
  • Automatically increase margin when the elasticity is low

PriceEdge™ API

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

PriceEdge™ Application Programming Interface (API) provides a series of benefits from smooth integration to high security that will help your business be faster and better.

  • API with complete documentation
  • Integrate at your own pace
  • Higher security and lower costs with API
Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

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