Value-Based Pricing Made Easy

PriceEdge™ will enable you to easily price and link your products to value-driving attributes. Improve your profits without losing sales and increase customer trust.

How it works

Prepare Portfolio

Manage price groups

The first step to practical value-based pricing is to organize your products and define price differentiating attributes.

  • Categorize similar products into groups
  • For each group assign value differentiating attributes
  • Populate products with value driving attributes
Manage price groups
Pricelists management software

Define Value Logic

Pricelists management software

Use the value attributes in the groups to create price suggestions based on customer perceived value.

  • Define differentiation based on value attributes
  • Identify where you currently are over- and underpricing
  • Simulate business impact from the value based prices

Operational Value Pricing

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

Avoid falling back to cost based pricing by setting up pricing processes to sustain the margin improvements.

  • New product pricing process
  • Easy price revision process
  • Full price adjustment process
Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

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