The Dream Pricing Tool for Retailers

Let PriceEdge™ transform the way you, as a retailer, grow sales and boost margins. Apply our advanced pricing strategies to your product categories, and our dynamic pricing technology will then help you get ahead of your competition.

Dynamic pricing software

How PriceEdge™ Works

Track Competitor Prices

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

Get a full overview of your competitor pricing landscape enabling better pricing strategies.

  • Select portfolio and websites to monitor
  • Track competitor prices over time
  • Use competitor prices in your own pricing strategies
Track competitor prices, collect competitor data
Manage price groups

Structure Portfolio

Manage price groups

The first step to practical advanced pricing is to organize your products and define price differentiating attributes.

  • Categorize products in groups and assign attributes
  • Structure groups in folders for an ideal portfolio blueprint
  • Efficiently categorize and manage all your price lists

Setup Pricing Strategy

Pricelists management software

Out-of-the box solutions for advanced pricing. Manage all price lists by building your own pricing strategy. Easy and powerful.

  • Sets every product at its optimum selling price
  • Full flexibility on pricing strategies to use
  • Dynamically Price to Market Changes and more
Pricelists management software

A glance at what you get

  Tracking Competitors Behavior

  Easy Management of Multiple Price Lists

  Customer Based Pricing on Different Markets

  Market Oriented Pricing

  Create Dynamic Price Strategies

  Price Waterfall and Customer Management

  Simulate & Evaluate Price Effects with Prebuilt Reports

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