Take control of your retail pricing

Let PriceEdge™ transform the way you, as a retailer, grow sales and boost margins

How We Can Help

Omni-Channel Strategy

Track competitor prices, collect competitor data

With the flexible pricing engine of PriceEdge you can setup and easily manage the most complex omni-channel strategies.

  • Clear online vs store price relation
  • Differentiate prices between stores based on market level
  • Automate your repricing process
Track competitor prices, collect competitor data
Manage price groups

Differentiated Strategies

Manage price groups

We team up with our customers and leverage the PriceEdge platform to implement differentiated pricing strategies.

  • Strict market level pricing for price image products
  • Market pricing for middle segment
  • Profit optimization strategy for long tail products

Create Promotions that matters

Pricelists management software

With PriceEdge our customers can manage and optimize their caimpaign pricing.

  • Pick and create price for campaigns
  • Compare price reductions versus volume gain
  • Approve and automatically start campaign
Pricelists management software
Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

Effortless integration

Erp integration, BI tools integration, software integration

Integrate easily to your ERP & CRM using our prebuilt API.

  • API with complete documentation
  • Flexible data structures
  • Integrate at your own pace

A glance at what you get

  Tracking Competitors Behavior

  Easy Management of Multiple Price Lists

  Customer Based Pricing on Different Markets

  Market Oriented Pricing

  Create Dynamic Price Strategies

  Price Waterfall and Customer Management

  Simulate & Evaluate Price Effects with Prebuilt Reports

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